Eight months earlier, she had given up all hope.

What more was there to aim for?

Her three younger sisters were married with kids and her mum, her biggest worry wouldn’t stop reminding her of how she rejected her choice; her friend’s ‘yahoo-yahoo’ son. All she cared about was getting her out of the house so her younger sisters could marry. She built the nerves one day and spoke back to her, “Mum, you don’t have to push me to the first man that comes to your mind. I will get a man if I ever will – Let anyone who wants to get married go ahead, I will support”

Her mother screamed “No way. They can’t marry before you. It doesn’t happen that way. Just sort yourself and let them settle down.”

She was right, that was her mother’s concern. Her mum didn’t want the world to talk. They were a pack of 4 girls, Omoniyi being the eldest was 35 years and the last girl, Adesuwa was 27. Adesuwa was the first to find a man to propose to her, without Omoniyi’s knowledge her mum asked her to wait for her elder sisters. Omoniyi didn’t understand why she would say such a thing. They worked this issue until she made them all realize that she wasn’t delaying them, in fact she was happy for them.

Luck shone on her on a Friday evening when she stopped over to get groceries on her way from work. She loaded her cart and moved towards the  attendant who gave her the annoying news when she presented her master card.

“Aunty, the POS is not working”

She was visibly angry, she had spent thirty minutes picking items and she didn’t have cash with her. She needed to pay thirteen thousand four hundred Naira.

“So what do you want me to do now?”

“Maybe you should go and use the ATM on the second street. It is not that far”

She took deep breath to calm her nerves. Then a man walked in and in seconds, he knew what the problem was. He had the same issue and had gone to use the machine. Omoniyi thought she would rather go home. She angrily pushed the cart out of the way and walked towards the door when the man called out.



“How much do you want to pay?”

“Don’t worry about it; I will come for the groceries later. Thanks”

The sharp-mouthed attendant said “It’s thirteen four hundred sir”

He counted the money and gave her. You can take your items. He brought a small paper out of his pocket, wrote down his account number and phone number.

“You can transfer back to me later, that also is my phone number – you can call if you have any challenge."

“Oh thank you sir, thank you very much”

“Don’t worry about it, I was frustrated few minutes ago too. I had to go use the ATM”

That was how they met!

It was a magical dream for Omoniyi. Anjola worshipped her, she pinched herself many times during the courtship so she could wake up from the dream but it was real. She found herself a man, a great man. Anjola was a Medical doctor, diligent and caring. He was soft spoken and just perfect for her.

And in five months, he proposed – the sixth they tied the knot.

It had been a rollercoaster until when their marriage was eight months old. He had come home late that night, Omoniyi was used to this. She understood it was the nature of his work. She served him a cup of Lipton tea just the way he likes it and they sat to gist.

His phone rang.
It was an emergency, he had to leave.

“I wish I could complain”, said Omoniyi sadly.

“Please don’t my dear”, he kissed her and promised to be back that same night.

“No, if get's too late, don’t risk it- I will be here in the morning”

They hugged each other and he left.


A week after, Omoniyi still longed to see her husband. It was one week of pains and torture. The night he left the house, unknown to him he had gone to attend to a patient who had the deadly disease, Ebola Virus Disease. The symptoms were evident. The Federal government had immediately afterwards swung into action to sensitize the public about this deadly disease and also to contain the spread. The emergency team had Doctor Anjola quarantined as they were not sure that he had not contacted the disease. He only spoke on phone with his wife who says nothing but cries.

She wondered why she didn’t deserve a good life. Just when her life was about to begin.

“God I have always been a good child. I stuck to you even when my faith was shaken, why should this happen to me? Please Lord, let my husband be clean of the virus. I am weak at heart; I have no one to run to Lord. Let him be safe. I can’t face this world without my Anjola.”

She wiped her tears and put on the radio to hear the latest development on the virus but on play was Whitney Houston’s I look to you. This brought hot tears to her eyes as she sang along, with shaking voice. Her phone rang, it was her mother. She didn’t want to speak with no one. She remained totally inconsolable.

Two days after, the news came in.

Her dear husband, Doctor Anjola had the virus!


-Maintain a good hygiene.
-Wash your hands often with soap and water; the virus can't survive this.
-Use hand sanitizer, when soap and water is not in range.
- Limit physical contacts for now.

Please let us remember all the health care workers in our prayers. They are closest to the risk. May the souls of the departed Nurses rest in peace. Let us pray this deadly virus gets controlled on time; especially before the kids resume school.

The Matron.
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  1. Loved your site. Thanks for commenting in my blog . I am from India and I do write fiction stories and poems. Loved the story. well drafted. Keep up the work going:)


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